The Flower Tea Shop As Your Tea Supplier

Sweet-scented, calming flower tea for distribution and supply is now available. Get in touch with us right now if you want to be a part of the first-ever avant-garde flower tea production project. With The Flower Tea Shop as its supplier, various blossom infusion is now available.

We Endow Aromatic Floral Tea All From Over The Globe

Our floral tea is made from all genuine components, including those abundant in the atmosphere’s seeds, blossoms, roots, and bark. As a whole tea supplier, we united several flower teas from around the universe into one enticing blend, free of harmful additives.

60+ Flower Tea Handiness

A diverse range of flower teas is prepared for you

All Genuine Elements

Flower tea, with a burst of flavour, comes from a blend of pure and natural botanicals

No Chemicals / Flavourings

Drinkable and work with all walks of life


OEM / ODM Can Be Dispensed With Our Flower Teas Collection

As a tea distributor, we must keep up with the rapid development of new technologies; thus, we insist that our suppliers use OEM / ODM parts wherever possible. We have occasionally offered OEM / ODM services for floral tea producers and suppliers.


Bolster Up By Custom Grinding Alternative As Your Tea Supplier

Since we are a flower tea supplier, we also offer self-blending operations and customised grinding options so our clients can develop and sell their distinctive flavours and aromas. It’s only through cutting-edge strategies that we’ve been able to provide our blossom tea to consumers worldwide.

See To The Flower Tea Shop’s Latest Catalogue Of Supplied Decoctions

You can glimpse UAE tea supplier, The Flower Tea Shop’s collections below. If you’re intrigued, you may buy all the flavours in bulk.


Marshalled By Flower Tea Manufacturing Fanciers Of 14 Years

Given our long history in the industry, we can oversee every step of the tea manufacturing process. Throughout those years, we’ve dealt with many diverse forms of testing and growth. Regardless of our extensive background and expertise, we are committed to being an even more knowledgeable and competent floral tea supplier.

A picture containing tea leaves being processed in a machine located in a production factory.


Escorted By An Ultra-Careful Selection Of Fresh Ingredients For The First-Rate Flower Tea Fabrication

Marhaba Dubai! You’ll be thrilled to know that we’ve put a premium on every aspect of making deluxe flower teas so that we can be here for you for decades. The Flower Tea Shop attributes its business expertise to the delicacy of its sources. We take great concern in selecting marvellous supplies so that the beverage retains the stimulating fragrance of its roots.

Our First-Hand Testimonials Of The Flower Tea Shop’s Tea From Our Preliminary Corporate Scrutineer

The Flower Tea Shop As A Tea Supplier In Numerals

The Flower Tea Store has achieved a modest amount of notable milestones since its inception. We aspire to be great in the field but are keen to be your excellent option for tea suppliers in Dubai.

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Two clear glass mugs are placed next to each other on a rectangular wooden serving tray, with one glass mug having three-quarters of the tea filled while the other is poured with tea.
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In Fulfilment Of Eco-Friendly Implementation As A Tea Supplier

At The Flower Tea Shop, we employ greener procedures to lessen the trash we send to landfills. [waiting for clients answers to include the steps they take for sustainable practices]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is flower tea?

Blooming tea, also known as blossoming tea, is a package of withered tea plants that is decorated with floral or petals that have also been dried. To create them, tea leaves and florals are bound around in the shape of a lightbulb and allowed to dry. The blossoms within the packaged stretch and unroll when soaked, mimicking the appearance of a blossoming flower. Generally, they come from China's Yunnan region. Globe amaranth and osmanthus are only a few florals used to make blooming teas.

Do The Flower Tea Shop’s beverages contain caffeine?

All of the flower teas and beverages sold at The Flower Tea Shop are 100% caffeine-free so that you can relax. Because of this, this floral tea is appropriate for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

What is the ideal temp to drink the floral tea?

Water between 97°C - 100°C is ideal for steeping flower teas and other herb combinations for four minutes or more. The lengthier the flowers simmer, the more flavour they'll impart to the tea. This is notably significant if you're employing fresh blossom tea.

How should the flower tea be kept?

Keep this flowery tea free of warmth, sunlight, and humidity by storing it in a cold, dry area. Degrading proteins in your tea can be activated by both heating and light. Also, since it's processed to an arid state, blossom tea may be stored for an extended period.

How long is the service life of the flower tea?

If treated correctly, floral tea can be used for approximately twelve months after purchase.