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About Us


The Story of The Flower Tea Shop

The Flower Tea Shop started as an independent, small venture in 2009 based in Muar, Johor. Wanting to spread the gospel of botanical-based tea within the beverage industry, since then, the company has since conceptualised a wide range of dried Flower Teas, Fruit Teas, Green & Black Teas, as well as Blooming Teas with the help of a team of experts who are vastly experienced in the study of Botany.


Our Value

T - Tasteful

Made with a variety of intricate ingredients, there is a tasteful blend for everyone to be found at The Flower Tea Shop.

E - Earnest

The Flower Tea Shop believes in letting our products speak for themselves. With simple, earnest components, our signature blends stand out and continue to serve the brand’s goal.

A - Aesthetic

Easy on your taste buds, easy on the eyes. We at The Flower Shop Tea believe in engaging all your senses to get the best out of our products. Sip your tea in style that not only tastes good, but also looks good.

Our Vision

We aim to become the largest standing botanical beverages supplier in both import and export routes on a global level

Our Mission

We foresee ourselves supplying quality products and services in a much efficient and reliable way than any other competitor establishments within the market.

Our Accolades Over the Years

As proof to our formula of hardwork and tenacity, here are some of the recognitions we’ve gained along the way:

Our Role Towards A Greener Future

We believe in pulling our weight towards ensuring a healthier, greener, more sustainable future for all generations to come. All of our products are made with natural, ingredients that help preserve sustainabilty so you can enjoy every sip with a clear conscience.


Our team has been privileged to participate in various events across the globe, and also in showcasing our brand as a well-established entity.

The 2011 Malaysia Spa & Wellness Trophy.