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Flower Tea

The Flower Tea Shop is focusing on producing teas with premium-grade florals, for safe consumption. As an expert in this field, we have studied our materials thus bringing you a zero caffeine, health and beauty-centred, and aromatic stress treatment flower tea.

Firm Up Your Health With Our Flower Tea

As experts alleged, flower tea is advantageous for overall health because they contain vitamins and minerals. Floral tisanes possess vitamins A and C, which work to improve our immune systems. Our blooming tea is suitable for health and beauty seekers and those who are interested in trying this beverage.

A Food Douse And Seasonings Options

Did you know our dried flowers are functional as food marinating or seasoning? The dehydrated florals can be taken as your spices, and you can include them in your food preparation and in marinating the meat processes.

Switching For Decaf? Our Flower Teas Are Your Answer!

No caffeine is present in flower teas, including chamomile, ginger, and peppermint. This is as opposed to the bulk of beverages, the drinks are not derivative from the camellia sinensis plant. Instead, they are ready with desiccated replicas of caffeine-free flowers, leaves, seeds, or roots.

Every Buy Comes With Loose Pack

The shipment of our goods calls for loose packaging. To prevent your flower teas from quivering, loosened wrapping usually involves using a lightweight material to fill in the gaps in your containers. This kind of cover is simple and accessible.

Our flower tea in triangle tea bags.

We Care About Your Brand’s Needs

The craft of the end products is due to your brand’s needs; with a consultation service from us, we will make sure to come up with the perfect goods, including flower teas.

The JAKIM approved Halal logo.
The MeSTI logo approved by the Health Ministry.
The Golden Bull Award from 2017, given to outstanding SMEs.

Flower Tea Comes With Standard Credentials

We acknowledged that our clients need to know about our certifications, and that’s why we are proud to announce that we have had Halal Certification by JAKIM since 2016 and we have acquired MeSTI verification in 2017. For your bonus information, we were also awarded The Golden Bull Award for outstanding SMEs in 2017.

See To The Flower Tea Shop’s Latest Catalogue Of Supplied Flower Teas

You can glimpse UAE tea supplier, The Flower Tea Shop’s collections below. If you’re intrigued, you may buy all the flavours in bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Make Flower Tea?

First, put your dried flowers into boiling hot water. 

Secondly, steep your tea leaves in the hot water for a few minutes. 

Lastly, you can store the rest of the dried flowers in an airtight packaging for secure shelving. 

Which Flower Tea is Best for Skin?

We are proud to declare that all of our flower teas are brilliant for treating your skin, although each of them has different functions. 

What is Flower Tea?

Flowering tea is constructed of an assortment of dehydrated tea leaves wrapped around one or more dried-out blossoms. These are made by weaving tea leaves and flowers into a bulb and preserving them. When steeped, the bundle extends and unfurls like a blooming flower, and the petals inside appear as the centrepiece.

How To Drink Flower Tea?

You can enjoy your flower tea in any way. It doesn't matter if it's morning or night, you can drink your tea anytime with easy instructions, in the comfort of your home.