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The image shows dried yellow chamomile flowers that have been plucked and compiled together showing its bright yellow color.

Chamomile Flower Tea

To relax with a caffeine-free infusion with mild, floral overtones, try one of our traditional Chinese herbal teas made from fresh chamomile buds picked and slowly dried for the best quality and scent. Enjoying a soothing cup of chamomile flower tea is a tremendous pre-bedtime routine.

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    Relish An Exquisite Cup Of Tea Scented With Dried Chamomile Flower

    Make a comforting herbal infusion swiftly and effortlessly with our dry chamomile flower tea bags.

    A teaspoon is being used to scoop out a dried tea mixture, out of a small glass container.


    Add loose chamomile tea to boiling water in a teapot.

    A pot of dried Globe Amaranth buds being steeped, next to a bowl of loose Globe Amaranth buds.


    Put your chamomile buds in hot water for few minutes.

    Several different types of dried tea blends are stored in separate, airtight, glass containers with some loose tea mix strewn on the bottom.


    Keep your chamomile tea leaves in a sealed container.

    Criterion Our Finest Roselle Flower Tea

    Our finest dried chamomile flower tea has a special bonus to brighten your day.

    Caffeine Free

    Since chamomile flower tea lacks caffeine, it can be helpful for people who suffer from anxiety.

    More Steeping Cycles

    The chamomile flower tea bags are cost-effective since our dried loose leaf can be reinfused.


    Our chamomile tea bag is made with the consumer in mind, so it’s convenient for on-the-go use.

    A Fixation On Self-flourishing With Chamomile Flower Tea

    If you want to win over a customer, nothing beats making them a cup of our chamomile flower tea. If they drink chamomile, they’ll feel better inside and out.

    Facilitate therapeutic benefits via aromatherapy

    Revitalise your physical performance

    Versatility functions

    Portable and travel-friendly

    Prestigious award-winning

    An image of a young woman looking content with a teacup in her hands.

    Stress Relief Healing With Scented Tea

    Like a warm bath, chamomile flower tea will help you unwind and calm down. The chamomile plant’s soothing properties have made its herbal infusion an attractive beverage choice at all hours of the day. As it includes a moderate sedative, the herbs relax the body and the psyche.

    An image of a young woman smiling with her eyes closed, and looking content.

    Achieve Flawless Complexion

    Chamomile flower tea has been used for years to cure acne and acne scars due to its relaxing and anti-inflammatory characteristics. The flower buds used to make herbal infusions help the body repair damaged cells and tissues, tighten the look of pores, and brighten the skin, all contributing to a more youthful appearance.

    An image of the human digestive system.

    Boost Your Digestive Health

    Studies have shown that drinking chamomile flower tea has positive health effects, including easing stomach pain, preventing diarrhea, reducing gas, and inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. When you have an upset stomach, want a good night’s sleep, or want something yummy, try this Chinese herbal tea.

    Medicinal Wonders In Every Sip Of Chamomile Flower Tea

    The camomile plant contains antioxidants that may scavenge damaging free radicals and so aid in cancer, heart disease, and other disease prevention efforts. A preliminary study suggests that the antioxidants in that gorgeous floral, namely ‘apigenin,’ may help in the fight against cancer. So, chamomile flower tea’s relaxing effects extend beyond those of a simple nightcap.

    Chamomile Flowers As A Natural Flavour Enhancement

    Although chamomile flower tea is most popularly used for its therapeutic properties, the herb has many other possible uses in the kitchen as well. Chamomile extract seasoning works well in various foods and drinks, including jams, candies, ice cream, and cordials. The beautiful plants are aesthetically pleasing when placed atop sweet and savoury dishes.

    Origins Of The Chamomile Flower Tea

    It’s been around for a long time, yet chamomile flower tea is still prevalent. Egyptians and Romans used the flower in their cultures quite early on. Ancient Egyptians recommended chamomile buds for treating the common cold, and now the plant is used for the same purposes as well as to induce sleep and prevent the onset of the common cold. This organic plant is well-liked in Chinese herbal medicine for the same reasons, and as a natural antiseptic is well-liked by the general public.

    Which Type Of Sickness Should Be Consuming Chamomile Flower Tea?

    For centuries, chamomile flower tea’s healing properties have made it a go-to herbal remedy.
    Drinking chamomile flower loose tea has been suggested by medical experts for those suffering;

    Menstrual cramps




    Heart disease

    An image of a young man clutching his abdomen in discomfort.

    Digestion problem

    A BP machine hooked to a patient's arm.

    High blood pressure

    Menstrual cramps




    Heart disease

    An image of a young man clutching his abdomen in discomfort.

    Digestion problem

    A BP machine hooked to a patient's arm.

    High blood pressure

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You’ve got questions? We got it!

    Does chamomile tea help you sleep?

    For generations, people have turned to chamomile flower tea as a calming beverage before bedtime. Some people find that the slight sedative effect of Chinese herbal infusion helps them fall asleep more easily. Having a cup of chamomile chai before your nap increases sleep quality, allowing you to wake up feeling energized and refreshed.

    Why does chamomile flower tea help in weight loss?

    Chamomile flower tea should be incorporated into your daily routine whether you are trying to reduce weight, become active, or improve your overall health. Recent studies have shown that the nutrient density of herbal drinks makes them an effective tool for lifestyle modification. The herbal infusion prepared from loose chamomile tea may not be a miracle weight loss beverage, but it may help when combined with a good diet and regular exercise to achieve the desired results.

    What does chamomile tea taste like?

    A cup of chamomile flower tea has a sweetness similar to honey, and it also has fragrances of apples. The healthful beverage has a silky mouthfeel, and the flavour is subtly reminiscent of flowery herbal tea. This combination contributes to the beverage's immediate soothing effects.

    What is the best time to drink chamomile tea?

    Although you can drink tea made from chamomile flowers at any time of the day, it is recommended that you do so at night. The herbs have a calming effect on the body and mind. Drinking the herbal infusion made from dried chamomile flowers around 30 to 45 minutes before going to bed is said to be beneficial for promoting sleep by many individuals. That should now be plenty of time for your body to digest the brew, allowing the soothing effects to begin taking effect.

    What happens if i consume chamomile flower tea every day?

    According to a study in 2012, taking a chamomile pill regularly helped reduce symptoms of depression. Infusing chamomile plants is beneficial for treating gastrointestinal conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, and colic. In addition, chamomile flower tea has been shown to have anticancer effects. Apigenin is one of the key active components that the herb contains.

    Is chamomile tea good for acid reflux?

    Chamomile flower tea is a popular remedy for symptoms of acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). It has been studied extensively for its ability to alleviate digestive problems like bloating and gas. Stress significantly contributes to acid reflux and GERD symptoms, and consuming an infusion made from chamomile buds is one way to alleviate this problem.

    Is chamomile flower tea help with menstrual cramps?

    Chamomile flower tea has been associated in multiple studies with a decrease in the intensity of menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramp pain may be alleviated by drinking chamomile tea daily for a month, according to a study conducted in 2010. Women in the study also reported feeling less anxious and distressed due to period pain.

    Is chamomile tea good for indigestion?

    Yeah, sure! In addition to being one of the most relaxing beverages, chamomile flower tea is also very mild and tasty. The infusion created from chamomile tea loose leaf is frequently used to treat digestive difficulties and calm the muscles of the digestive tract, including gas, indigestion, motion sickness, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

    Is chamomile tea safe for babies?

    If you'd want to give your newborn chamomile buds or leaves, consult your doctor first and remember to start with very low dosages and wait at least six months. The vitamins and minerals like calcium and folic acid in chamomile flower tea benefit the child. They also have antibacterial properties and can enhance the immune system.

    Does chamomile tea have caffeine?

    To put it simply, no. In its natural state, chamomile flower tea has no caffeine. If you're looking for a calming herbal infusion that won't keep you awake at night, this healthy beverage made from dry chamomile is an excellent option to consider.