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A shot of a mass of lavender flowers in a faded purple shade.

Lavender Flower Tea

Lavender-scented tea is made solely from high-quality, selected lavender buds, scientifically known as Lavandula angustifolia, which give you a calming sensation and alleviate tiredness.

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    Relish An Exquisite Cup Of Tea Scented With Lavender Flowers

    With these blue tea offered by The Flower Tea Shop, you can now prepare and enjoy this spa-like fragrance herbal tea at home with ease!

    A teaspoon is being used to scoop out a dried tea mixture, out of a small glass container.


    Simply put dried lavender buds into of boiling hot water.

    A pot of dried Globe Amaranth buds being steeped, next to a bowl of loose Globe Amaranth buds.


    Steep the tea leaves in the hot water for about few minutes.

    Several different types of dried tea blends are stored in separate, airtight, glass containers with some loose tea mix strewn on the bottom.


    Keep the lavender leaves in airtight packaging for secure shelving.

    Criterion Our Finest Lavender Flower Tea

    To provide this remarkable lavender tea for our devoted consumers, our dried flowers producer has worked hard to produce a premium product.

    Caffeine Free

    This lavender flower tea is undoubtedly suitable for those who have caffeine intolerance.

    More Steeping Cycles

    More cups can be filled with this lavender flower tea after multiple steeps.


    Everyone can conveniently enjoy the aesthetic vibes of this lavender tea.

    A Fixation On Self-flourishing With Lavender Flower Tea

    Warm, lavender-scented tea not only allows you to indulge in certain aesthetic pleasures, but it also offers you a plethora of health benefits with each teacup.

    Facilitate therapeutic benefits via aromatherapy

    Revitalise your bodily performance

    Versatility functions

    Portable and travel-friendly

    Prestigious award-winning

    An image of a young woman looking content with a teacup in her hands.

    Stress Relief Healing With Scented Lavender Tea

    Lavender, according to researchers, specifically focuses on the nervous system to suppress GABA receptors. Lavender compounds imitate the function of neurotransmitters, lowering tension and anxiety.

    An image of a young woman smiling with her eyes closed, and looking content.

    Achieve Flawless Complexion

    Lavender also has been proven to offer anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal compounds for disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and many more, which are fantastic for aiding skin healing.

    An image of the human digestive system.

    Boost Your Digestive Health

    Several studies believe that lavender tea increases fat cell metabolism. This might imply that it allows the body to burn fat more quickly and efficiently, boosting your probability of losing weight while you work out.

    Medicinal Wonders In Every Sip Of Lavender Flower Tea

    Lavender tea has many qualities, notably its high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This includes, but is not limited to, vitamins A and C, calcium, magnesium, and iron. When these organic substances are integrated, they may do a lot to help your health in little but major ways. Most importantly, they fight toxins in the body, which are the result of normal, but frequently detrimental human oxidation. Lavender tea lowers the chance of acquiring a variety of chronic diseases.

    Lavender Flower Tea As A Natural Flavour Enhancement

    Dried lavender may be used in both sweet and savoury recipes to provide flavour and colour. Fresh herbs may be used in salads, meat, teas, and cocktails. It also complements citrus, fruits, and sweets like crème brulee. Lavender complements rich and fatty dishes like chicken, turkey, lamb, and fatty seafood like salmon or tuna by cutting through and lifting the overall flavour.

    Origins Of The Lavender Flower Tea

    Lavender tea is basically made by brewing the purple buds of the Lavandula angustifolia plant with hot water. It is one kind of herbal tea or tisane that originated in the Mediterranean area or region. This fresh lavender is grown in the United States and throughout the other side of the world and usually be used to make lavender tea at home. It’s also utilised in body care, cosmetics, and beauty products to prevent hair loss, level out skin tone, and improve cellular health.

    Which Type Of Sickness Should Be Consume Lavender Flower Tea?

    Based on the information about the goodness contained in one sip of lavender tea, it is recommended for persons who have;

    A BP machine hooked to a patient's arm.

    High blood pressure

    Kidney problems

    Cardiovascular disorder

    An image of a person suffering from neck pain.



    An image of a young man clutching his abdomen in discomfort.

    Digestion problem

    An image of a young man covering his mouth to avoid from throwing up.


    A BP machine hooked to a patient's arm.

    High blood pressure

    Kidney problems

    Cardiovascular disorder

    An image of a person suffering from neck pain.



    An image of a young man clutching his abdomen in discomfort.

    Digestion problem

    An image of a young man covering his mouth to avoid from throwing up.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have any questions about lavender flower tea? Explore our frequently asked questions thread or contact us directly.

    What is the use of lavender flower tea?

    The purple flowers of the lavender plant are brewed in hot water to make lavender tea. Though research on this tea is limited, it is considered to soothe nerves, enhance sleep, promote cell regeneration, and give many other advantages.

    Can I drink lavender flower tea on a daily basis?

    When consumed in moderation, lavender tea is typically harmless for most individuals. Nonetheless, it is best to drink with restraint. Drinking excessive amounts of it might cause nausea, diarrhoea, and an elevation in appetite.

    Who shouldn't have lavender flower tea?

    Lavender tea should not be consumed by anyone who is allergic to lavender flowers or other blooming plants. Those who are allergic to these flowers may experience severe asthma, skin irritation, and throat discomfort. It is also advised that pregnant women avoid drinking this tea.

    Will lavender flower tea end up making you drowsy?

    In addition lavender to being as a calming night tea, but some studies suggest that it may increase tranquillity and improve the quality of sleep.

    Is lavender flower tea beneficial to the kidneys?

    Lavender tea's health advantages for renal patients Lavender tea is a nutritious drink that can aid in the prevention and treatment of the following issues: - It can aid in the prevention and treatment of elevated blood pressure, which is one component that has been linked to the advancement of chronic kidney disease.

    Is lavender flower tea cooling or heaty?

    Herbs have a warming or cooling characteristics in most herbal healing methods, which might impact how a herbal tea brew can aid in the rehabilitation process. Lavender is one of the cooling herbal products, alongside Chamomile, Rose, Nettle, hibiscus, rose hips, and many more.

    Is there caffeine in lavender flower tea?

    Lavender tea is a tisane (herbal tea) created by soaking dried lavender flower buds in hot water. It is indeed a caffeine-free tea. Lavender comes in over 40 varieties, with the English and French assortments being the most typically used to produce this purple tea.

    Is it OK to drink lavender tea if you have GERD?

    Whilst others claim by Lavender Tea relieves heartburn, there are limited facts to back it up. Yet, it is not all bad news. One thing we do know is that it could aid in the treatment of various digestive problems such as nausea, bloating, and gastrointestinal issues.

    Is it okay to add sugar to lavender flower tea?

    Both hot and iced lavender tea may be savoured even without the addition of sugar or milk. However, if you wish to sweeten it up, try to add a little bit of simple syrup, which dissolves quickly into the tea.

    Is it okay to drink lavender flower tea while breastfeeding?

    The US Federal Drug Agency (FDA) considers lavender flower tea to be safe, with no documented detrimental effects in pregnancy, breastfeeding, or children. Nursing mothers frequently drink lavender flower tea to relax and relieve stress.