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The peach flower tea is displayed vividly in the image as they are placed together showing its red and orange shades.

Peach Flower Tea

With a smooth, delicate texture and a lovely perfume reminiscent of honey and almonds, peach flower tea is now a widely accessible beverage. The herbal brew is such a beautiful and enchanting treat!

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    Relish An Exquisite Cup Of Tea Scented With Peach Flower

    Our dried peach flower makes brewing a tranquil cup of Chinese tea effortless.

    A teaspoon is being used to scoop out a dried tea mixture, out of a small glass container.


    Add dried peach flower tea to boiling water in a teapot.

    A pot of dried Globe Amaranth buds being steeped, next to a bowl of loose Globe Amaranth buds.


    For few minutes, steep the peach blossom tea.

    Several different types of dried tea blends are stored in separate, airtight, glass containers with some loose tea mix strewn on the bottom.


    Save your dried peach blossom flowers in an airtight container.

    Criterion Our Finest Dried Peach Blossom Flower

    We desire to brighten your day and bring you joy with the beautiful peach floral tea quality we offer.

    Caffeine Free

    Peach blossom tea without caffeine may help consumers feel less anxious.

    More Steeping Cycles

    Since our dried herbs could be re-infused, the peach flower tea bags are economical.


    Our peach flower tea comes in convenient and handle-friendly packs.

    A Fixation On Self-flourishing With Peach Flower Tea

    Peach flower tea is a relaxing beverage with a lovely scent. Floral buds are very widely known for their advantageous health effects.

    Facilitate therapeutic benefits via aromatherapy

    Revitalise your physical performance

    Versatility functions

    Portable and travel-friendly

    Prestigious award-winning

    An image of a young woman looking content with a teacup in her hands.

    Stress Relief Healing With Scented Tea

    When someone is having a bad day, all it takes is a cup of hot peach flower tea to make them feel better. The findings reveal blooming brew contains relaxing effects that help in relieving stress.

    An image of a young woman smiling with her eyes closed, and looking content.

    Achieve Flawless Complexion

    Peach blossom flower is high in vitamins A, B, and C, which aid in detoxification, blood circulation regulation, and acne prevention. Consistently consuming peach flower tea helps maintain healthy skin, slows ageing, and makes you seem fresher.

    An image of the human digestive system.

    Boost Your Digestive Health

    The use of peach flower tea may assist in relieving digestive issues, according to evidence. The fibers and potassium in the herbs help with bowel movements, which prevents common digestive disorders like constipation, gastritis, colitis, and stomach ulcers, as well as helps the body get rid of toxic wastes.

    Medicinal Wonders In Every Sip Of Peach Blossom Tea

    Peach flower tea has been shown in tests to improve immunity. In addition to strengthening the immune system by warding off infections, the antioxidant effects of zinc, ascorbic acid, and vitamin C in tao hua may aid in hastening wound healing and treat diseases like pneumonia, the common cold, diarrhea, and malaria.

    Peach Blossom As A Natural Flavour Enhancement

    Peach flower tea, as is widely known, will give our bodies a variety of nutrients. Nonetheless, the buds are fantastic for adding flavour to food. Peach blossoms are best used as a savoury or sweet meal garnish. The naturally sweet taste of the bloom pairs nicely with citrus fruits like lemon, pear, apricot, and quince and other palatable aromatic flowers like elderflower, rose, and jasmine.

    Origins Of The Flower Peach Blossom

    The deciduous tree Prunus persica, native to China and has been grown there for over 2500 years, produces peach flower tea. Through Persia, they arrived in Greece around 300 BC, and in the 1500s, French and Spanish explorers led them to the United States. The best feature is that peach blossoms have cultural significance. In China, the peach tree is associated with mystical qualities that are believed to bring good fortune, abundance, protection, fertility, and love.

    Which Type Of Sickness Should Be Consuming Peach Flower Tea?

    Peach flower tea has been used as a herbal treatment since the olden times for its therapeutic value.
    Studies recommend drinking peach blossom flower tea to those with;

    Kidney disease


    Liver disease



    An image of a young man clutching his abdomen in discomfort.

    Digestion problem


    Kidney disease


    Liver disease



    An image of a young man clutching his abdomen in discomfort.

    Digestion problem


    Frequently Asked Questions

    You’ve got questions? We got it!

    What is peach blossom tea?

    Dohwa-cha, often known as peach flower tea, is a popular beverage brewed from dried peach flowers in Korea. It is said that a blossoming herbal infusion can alleviate calculus and constipation.

    What does peach blossom flower tea taste like?

    The peach flower tea has an earthy, grassy scent, a hint of juicy peach flavour, and a sweet, honey-like aroma. Hence, this Blooming Infusion is the perfect option if you want to try herbal tea for the first time. It has a mild natural sweetness and is fragrant, so you won't be discouraged from drinking herbs beverages in the future.

    Can i put sugar in peach flower tea?

    You should know that peach flower tea has a naturally sweet flavour, so you won't have to worry about tasting bitter when drinking the herbal brew. But you can also add sweeteners to blossoming tea to increase its taste, such as Sugar, Stevia, or Honey.

    Is peach flower tea should be served hot or cold?

    One of their best qualities is that fruit teas can be enjoyed hot or cold. Peach flower tea makes a great cooler throughout the summer because it's flavorful and refreshing. To get the fresh taste of the floral buds, you can also consume the herbal infusion hot. Nonetheless, both beverage serving techniques will help you unwind and soothe.

    How does peach flower tea help in weight loss?

    Many cultures utilize peach flower tea to aid with weight loss. Nonetheless, taking a herbal infusion gives you a boost in energy and metabolism. According to researchers, regularly consuming blooming brew encourages fat-burning and aids in weight loss.

    How does peach blossom tea help the skin?

    Peach flower tea could improve blood circulation, improve the appearance of the skin, lessen freckles, and regulate intestinal secretion and constipation. Based on studies, regularly consuming the floral brew benefits blood circulation, whitens skin, and removes pigmentation, giving your skin a pristine appearance.

    Does peach flower tea contain caffeine?

    I could say no! The fact that consumers can enjoy peach flower tea before going to bed will calm them. Your sleep schedule won't be disrupted by caffeine-free beverages consumed at night. The following day, after sipping the tea, you'll feel more energized and refreshed thanks to a restful night's sleep.

    Is peach flower good for digestion?

    Indeed it is! Peach blossom tea, a good source of vitamins A, B, and C, has cleansing properties and eases constipation. This herbal tea can assist in soothing your tummy and make you feel good all day.

    Does peach flower tea help your hair grow?

    According to research, peaches contain the natural hair-growing steroid biotin, which promotes hair growth. Drinking peach flower tea routinely keeps the hair strong and preserves the scalp's health.

    Is peach flower tea good for high cholesterol?

    Based on research, peaches have elements that reduce the risk of developing heart illnesses. Consuming peach flower tea exhibits the capacity to bind with bile acids produced by the liver from cholesterol. The bile acids combined with the cholesterol are bound to them and eventually expelled from the body, and help in decreasing cholesterol levels.