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A bunch of Pink Rose Tea flowers put together nicely on top of each other.

Pink Rose Flower Tea

Real rose buds have a pleasant aroma and a flavorful, sugary aftertaste. If you’re planning an elegant morning gathering with friends, family, or clients, pink rose tea is the way to go.

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    Relish An Exquisite Cup Of Tea Scented With Pink Rose

    Aesthetic herbal teas can be made with minimal effort using our pure pink rose buds.

    A teaspoon is being used to scoop out a dried tea mixture, out of a small glass container.


    Add dehydrated rose blossoms to boiling water.

    A pot of dried Globe Amaranth buds being steeped, next to a bowl of loose Globe Amaranth buds.


    You should brew your pink rose tea for several minutes.

    Several different types of dried tea blends are stored in separate, airtight, glass containers with some loose tea mix strewn on the bottom.


    Save your pink dried rose buds flower tea in a sealed bag.

    Criterion Our Finest Pink Rose Tea

    We’ve included an extra perk with our pink rose tea that we know will make you happy.

    Caffeine Free

    As pink rose tea is caffeine-free, you can have it whenever you like without fear of feeling wired.

    More Steeping Cycles

    These pink rose petals can be steeped multiple times, maximizing your floral tea pleasure.


    A cup of herbal tea can be prepared in an aesthetic picnic setting using pure pink rose buds and hot water.

    A Fixation On Self-flourishing With Pink Rose Tea

    A glass of our luxury rose tea is a guaranteed way to win over a client and secure repeat business. Still, the rose water is good for them physically and emotionally.

    Facilitate therapeutic benefits via aromatherapy

    Revitalize your physical performance

    Versatility functions

    Portable and travel-friendly

    Prestigious award-winning

    Stress Relief Healing With Scented Tea

    You can calm your nerves and forget your worries with a nice cup of pink rose tea. Rose petals have been shown in studies to have a calming effect, making them helpful in combating stress and inducing a restful night’s sleep.

    An image of a young woman smiling with her eyes closed, and looking content.

    Achieve Flawless Complexion

    The expert agrees that pink rose tea benefits all skin types but says dry skin might benefit the most from its hydrating effects. Have some iced rose, rich in vitamins A and C, that can help restore the skin’s youthful appearance.

    An image of the human digestive system.

    Boost Your Digestive Health

    Drinking pink rose tea may help your body produce more “good” germs, according to the research. Beautiful garden roses can be used as a herbal cure for stomach problems, including constipation and diarrhoea.

    Medicinal Wonders In Every Sip Of Pink Rose Tea

    Researchers have shown that the antioxidant phytonutrients in rose petals can cut cancer risk by as much as 40 percent. A lower incidence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and neurological issues has been linked to the antioxidant polyphenols present in pink rose tea.

    Pink Rose Tea As A Natural Flavour Enhancement

    Besides their prominent use in making pink rose tea, edible rose petals can also enhance other drinks and add a touch of elegance to both sweet and savoury by being coated in sugar or brushed with butter. Very common in Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisine, they can be used as a decorative element or flavour enhancer in various baked goods, sweets, cocktails, and savoury entrees.

    Origins Of The Pink Rose Tea

    Rose tea was introduced to China during the Han dynasty. The rosehip was combined with unopened sprout buds in the teapot for their cooling and healing properties. The fragrant and simple-to-prepare infusion made from several types of garden roses, especially pink rose tea, has gained widespread popularity.

    Which Type Of Sickness Should Be Consuming Pink Rose Tea?

    Pink rose tea’s therapeutic qualities have made it a popular herbal treatment for many years.

    Professionals recommend pink dried rose bud flower tea for people with;

    Menstrual cramps



    An image of a person suffering from neck pain.



    An image of a young man clutching his abdomen in discomfort.

    Digestion problem


    Menstrual cramps



    An image of a person suffering from neck pain.



    An image of a young man clutching his abdomen in discomfort.

    Digestion problem


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have queries? We figured it out!

    What is pink rose tea?

    Many people enjoy drinking rose tea, a brew of dried rose petals and buds. Rose petals of various colours and scents, especially pink roses, are used to make this herbal infusion. Rose water extracts, studies have revealed, have anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-killing) effects. Perhaps attributable to the presence of bioactive components in pink dried rose bud flower tea.

    Is pink rose tea better served in hot or cold?

    Pink rose tea can be enjoyed hot, cold, or lukewarm. You can use any infusion method that strikes your fancy. On the other hand, if it's a sunny day, an iced pink rose tea will help your throat feel better. While warm floral tea is easy to make by letting the ingredients simmer for a few moments at room temperature.

    Can i add milk to pink rose tea?

    Without a doubt! Floral tea is delicious on its own, but you can alter the flavour by adding milk, honey, or sugar. Creamy and aromatic with the taste of roses, rose milk tea is also a delightful beverage. This beverage has a delicate floral fragrance from the rose and a silky, velvety mouthfeel from the milk. You can get pink rose boba milk tea with tapioca pearls and other sweets like rose flower milkshake out there.

    Does sipping pink rose tea can put you to sleep?

    Pink rose tea's natural calming properties make it an excellent nightcap. Letting the herbal tea modulates hormones in maintaining a healthy sleep cycle, and hormone levels reduce inflammation, stress, and sleep disruption.

    What time should I drink rose tea?

    Pink rosebud herbal tea is caffeine-free because it contains only natural components. That means you may sit back with a cup of this fragrant floral tea in the morning, at lunch, in the evening, or even late at night and not worry about messing with your body's natural sleep cycle or setting off any nervous system alterations.

    Does pink rose tea help reduce menstrual cramps?

    Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin profile, pink rose tea is also helpful for treating menstrual cramping or painful periods. Rose flower tea loose leaves were shown to significantly reduce cramps, bloating, and pain in women experiencing their periods. They were also associated with fewer reports of anxiety and fewer alterations in mood.

    Is pink rose tea good for weight loss?

    When used with exercise and a good diet, rose buds may speed up weight loss. Pink rose tea's gentle sweetness makes it an excellent substitute for sugary drinks and snacks. One study found that women who drank a cup of rose water before a meal reported feeling fuller more quickly and consuming fewer calories. You can drink it at any hour of the day or night because it has no calories or caffeine. Reduce your calorie consumption and get these health benefits by substituting a cup of dried rose petals for a sugary soft drink.

    Is rose tea good for kidneys?

    The anti-obstructive qualities of rose tea also work to prevent the blockage that kidney stones can cause. Toxins in the intestinal and renal system can be flushed out by drinking 100% pure pink rose tea, which contains unique organic acids and nutrients.

    What is the pink rose tea taste?

    Pink rose tea is an excellent introduction to the world of herbal teas. Rose water has a mildly fruity and floral taste with some sweetness. Rose flower tea's aroma is soft and gentle, contrasting some botanical infusions' strong and overpowering flavours.

    Does drinking pink rose tea have side effects?

    By far, the most commonly reported unwanted side effect is an allergic reaction. For those with allergies to floral teas like rosehip chai or chamomile, it's best to steer clear of pink rose tea. Always seek the advice of your medical doctor before consuming herbal tea, especially if you are currently taking any kind of medicine.