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A stockpile of Sweet Osmanthus Tea leaves with bright yellow-colored leaves mixed in the pile.

Sweet Osmanthus Flower Tea

The distinctively sweet and buttery aroma of sweet osmanthus, a yellow-gold flower produced in southern China. It is rich in antioxidants and melanin content.

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    Relish An Exquisite Cup Of Tea Scented With Sweet Osmanthus Tea

    With The Flower Tea Shop, you can now simply make and enjoy lovely spa-like scented sweet osmanthus tea on your own!

    A teaspoon is being used to scoop out a dried tea mixture, out of a small glass container.


    Take sweet osmanthus tea and mix it into hot water.

    A pot of dried Globe Amaranth buds being steeped, next to a bowl of loose Globe Amaranth buds.


    For few minutes, patiently steep the sweet osmanthus tea in the teapot

    Several different types of dried tea blends are stored in separate, airtight, glass containers with some loose tea mix strewn on the bottom.


    Preserve the sweet osmanthus tea in sealed containers for safe handling.

    Criterion Our Finest Sweet Osmanthus Tea

    Our dried flower wholesaler will indeed continue to work hard to provide a high quality product in order to keep our customer happy with our assortment of tea offerings, especially delicious sweet osmanthus tea.

    Caffeine Free

    This delicious osmanthus tea is undoubtedly safe for those who are sensitive to caffeine to drink.

    More Steeping Cycles

    You may still offer this sweet osmanthus tea in several cups after several steeps.


    Everyone may easily experience the artistically sensations of this sweet osmanthus tea.

    A Fixation On Self-flourishing With Sweet Osmanthus Tea

    Together with the chance to enjoy some aesthetic pleasures, every cup of sweet osmanthus tea comes with a host of health benefits.

    Facilitate therapeutic benefits via aromatherapy

    Revitalise your bodily performance

    Versatility functions

    Portable and travel-friendly

    Prestigious award-winning

    Stress Relief Healing With Scented Osmanthus Tea

    The signs of tension and anxiety can be reduced by consuming sweet osmanthus tea. The tea has a lot of vitamin B3, which lowers stress levels.

    Achieve Flawless Complexion

    Our skin’s complexion is improved with sweet osmanthus tea. It gives the skin the essential nutrition it needs, enhancing the condition of the skin. Furthermore, it slows down the ageing process.

    An image of the human digestive system.

    Boost Your Digestive Health

    The sweet osmanthus tea also aids in reducing digestive discomfort symptoms including bloating and indigestion. Moreover, it could ease menstrual cramping pain.

    Medicinal Wonders In Every Sip Of Sweet Osmanthus Tea

    Scientists in China discovered that Osmanthus fragrans flowers are high in niacinamide, a lesser-known type of vitamin B-3 that has distinct effects from niacin. Niacinamide can help people with type 1 diabetes preserve insulin-producing cells; however, more research is needed.

    Sweet Osmanthus Tea As A Natural Flavour Enhancement

    Osmanthus is used as a fragrant ingredient in Chinese delicacies such as Tong Yuan and as a subtle touch with Chinese oolong tea in Chinese cuisine. It’s also available in dry tea form, syrup for baking Chinese pastries, and wine seasoning for braised beef meals.

    Origins Of The Sweet Osmanthus Tea

    Osmanthus Fragrans is an Asian evergreen plant associated with the Chinese Mid-Autumn Celebration. Sweet osmanthus, sweet olive, tea olive, and fragrant olive are some other names for it. It is also well-known for its fragrant blossoms, which are white, yellow, or yellow-orange in colour and bloom from June to August. It has leaves that are entire or coarsely serrated and purple fruits with a single hard-shelled seed. It is a hermaphrodite plant, which means it possesses both male and female organs.

    Which Type Of Sickness Should Be Consume Sweet Osmanthus Tea?

    Based on the benefits offered in one cup of sweet osmanthus tea, it is good for persons who have:

    A BP machine hooked to a patient's arm.

    High blood pressure

    Kidney problems

    Cardiovascular disorder

    An image of a person suffering from neck pain.



    An image of a young man clutching his abdomen in discomfort.

    Digestion problem

    An image of a young man covering his mouth to avoid from throwing up.


    A BP machine hooked to a patient's arm.

    High blood pressure

    Kidney problems

    Cardiovascular disorder

    An image of a person suffering from neck pain.



    An image of a young man clutching his abdomen in discomfort.

    Digestion problem

    An image of a young man covering his mouth to avoid from throwing up.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have any questions about sweet osmanthus tea? See our section of “Frequently Asked Questions” or reach us for more detail.

    What flavour does sweet osmanthus tea have?

    Sweet osmanthus tea has a delicate fruity-floral apricot aroma and a taste ranging from bittersweet to sweet-sour.

    What is the Chinese name for osmanthus?

    "Fragrant Osmanthus" is known as guìhuā and mùxī in Chinese, and is also known as sweet osmanthus, sweet olive, tea olive, and fragrant olive.

    Is sweet osmanthus tea beneficial for menstruation?

    Sweet osmanthus tea is supposed to decrease blood pressure and cure irregular menstruation in traditional Chinese medicine.

    How does sweet osmanthus tea smell?

    Sweet osmanthus has a honeyed, apricot-peachy top note that is frequently used in perfumery to provide a type of flowery ambiguity and a tangible softness reminiscent of the luscious fruits' skin.

    In Feng Shui, what is osmanthus?

    Osmanthus Fragrans, often known as Sweet Osmanthus (桂花), represents great luck and prosperity.

    What are the consequences of osmanthus?

    The odour of osmanthus stimulates brain chemicals that suppress hunger. According to the researcher, the findings indicate that osmanthus scent has a slight calming effect and reduces the urge to eat.

    Is sweet osmanthus tea beneficial to a sore throat?

    A cup of sweet osmanthus tea might help relieve a cough and a raspy voice.

    Can I consume osmanthus tea on a daily basis?

    According to studies, even one cup of osmanthus flower tea each day can help enhance the immune system and boost anti-oxidative protection.

    Does osmanthus have heaty or cooling properties?

    Osmanthus flower tea is cooling and calming to the respiratory system, according to Chinese traditional medicine.

    Why is osmanthus referred to as Devil wood?

    The trees survive intensive trimming effectively and also serve as a hedge. Devilwood got its moniker because the fine-textured wood is tough to split and work with.